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Submersible Water Pump Series

The world-leading submersible solar water pumps. The patents-protected solar water pump product line is backed by over 500 types of commercial solar water pumps to meet our customer needs and various applications. OmniPV solar pump pioneering with encapsulated double-shield and water-cooling motor and built-in controller .

An external controller for the solar pumps.
An image of solar panels.
One of our solar powered pumps.
One of our solar powered pumps.
One of our solar powered pumps.
One of our solar powered pumps.

DC & AC Hybrid Powered
Built-in & External Controller

At OmniPV, we manufacture multiple types of controller and power-input based solar pumps. (1) DC powered with built-in controller (2) AC/DC hybrid powered with built-in controller (3) DC powered with external controller (2) AC/DC hybrid powered with external controller

External Controller​

External-controller solar pump has a 2-in-1 box integrating the external controller & monitor.

Built-in Controller​

Internal-controller solar pump is equipped with built-in controller at the bottom of the pump and can add one optional monitor which is installed separately.

DC Powered

Supports 30 - 380 VDC input including power from solar panels and batteries.

One of our solar powered pumps.
DC External controller and the inside of the solar pump

AC/DC(Hybrid) Powered

Supports both 30 - 380 VDC input and 90 - 240 VAC input including power from the grid and generators.

One of our solar powered pumps.
One of our solar powered pumps and an external controller.

Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) with MPPT

OmniPV solar water pump controller drives the high-efficient brush-less DC pump motor, utilizing the latest MPPT technology to ensure maximum flow is delivered under all light conditions. It also protects the submersible pump from frequent start up in low light conditions, overheating and running dry. The pump uses permanent magnet (rare earth) which doesn’t use part of the input power to generate magnetic field and therefore, has higher efficiency than traditional AC motor. 

Solar Pump Efficiency
Visual comparison chart

The motor can operate under any voltage from 20 - 450 VDC and 90 - 240 VAC without additional controls, making sizing and installation easy. The wide voltage range allows fluctuations that are typically seen during the product use especially from solar panels and generators. This feature helps provide a longer product life. The AC input by generators gives additional backup power supply.

Built-in Electronic AC/DC Hybrid
with Wide Voltage Range

Solar panels

Multi-Function Monitor/Controller

Our multi-function monitor is designed, developed and manufactured fully in-house and supports up to 3 hp pumps. It is suitable for AC, DC power supplies and can manually or automatically switch between different modes depending on power source. It intelligently collects information and displays data such as pump working condition, input power, water tank status, etc. It is compatible with leading brand's pump and is a perfect replacement for its durability.

External pump controller.
SK3000 Monitor Inside
SK3000 Monitor Front
Compatible with Leading Brand's Pump

Features and Specs

Leading Brand 1
Leading Brand 2
Solar Pump Compare Sheet

Easy Installation and Handling

The complete solar pump kits can be shipped within only a few boxes without freight/pallet shipping, making the shipping cost low and the packages easy to handle. The solar pump system is easy to install - you can either do it yourself following our complete installation guide or contact us to find one of our partnered installers for help. Besides the basic watet pump and solar panels, you can add various components to extend the functions and meet your needs.

Installation & Handling Scheme

1. Solar panels
2. SPD (DC) surge protection device*
3. Generator or grid*
4. SPD (AC) surge protection device*
5. Check valve*
6. Wiring package (epoxy resin wiring package or heat shrinkable tube wiring package)
7. Float switch (for dry protection)*

8. Sacrificial anode*

9. Solar water pump

10. Traction rope

11. Flow meter*
12. Float switch (for tank)*

13. Monitor*
14. GPRS*
* Optional parts

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