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Solar LED Garden Grow Light

First solar LED light tailored for your garden plants

Special Spectrum


Use free natural power to help improve your natural plants

From Nature, For Nature.


Li-ion battery integrated solar panel

for generating and saving energy efficiently


6-hour non-stop supplemental lighting

for what plants need to grow healthy and thrive

6-hours Supplemental Lighting with Auto On/Off

Charging Battery in Daytime

High quality LiFePO4 battery will be charged when there is sunlight.


Supplemental Light At Night

With regular daily solar power charging, OmniPV Solar Garden LED Grow Light can provide 6 hours of supplemental lighting time for plants at night, allowing for higher quality plants under unfavorable light conditions.

Auto On/Off

Automatic on/off switch between daytime and night-time. The integrated sensor installed in the product can detect the lighting condition and turn on or off the LED light when needed.


Flexible Installation with Dual Lamp Head Design

The installation height of lamps can be adjusted according to the height of plants.

Plants exceeding 3 ft can be illuminated in upper and lower sections respectively, not only improving the light intensity but also ensuring the uniformity of light.


Customized Plant Specific Light Spectrums

LED light source with a customized plant specific light spectrum provides the wavelengths required by plants, increasing photosynthesis rate and improving energy utilization.


Chlorophylls a and b are having a different light absorption spectrum for plant's photosynthesis. 

Blue Light Spectrum

Supports the development of the root system and the stem growth, making the plant grow taller

Chl absorption spectrum,.png

Red Light Spectrum

Responsible for the growth of branches and leaves, as well as promoting the flowering


Universal Version

Spectrum for All


The Universal Version uses a field proven spectrum developed by nursery for plant growth. Has a wide coverage of all kinds of plants.

- Field proven spectrum for wide kind coverage

- Higher blue light and wide red light coverage

- Boosts rooting

- Boosts stem health and growth

- Boosts shoot growth

- Boosts brunching

- Boosts plant size

- Stimulates flower bud formation

- Promotes fruits and increases yields


Floral Version

Spectrum for Flower


The Floral Version uses a spectrum
specifically for improving floral health and growth, and increasing the number of flowers.

- High share of R(red) light

- Low green-yellow fractions

- Added FR(far-red) light with optimized R:FR ratio

- Boosts stem length

- Boosts shoot growth

- Boosts brunching

- Stimulates flower bud formation

- Boosts flowering (number of flowers, petals per flower, pigmentation)

- Boost plant size

- Added resistance to mildew infection

Rustic Wedding Decoration

SOL-GROW solar garden light combines multiple functions and aims promoting plant photosynthesis, speeding up plant growth, and making plants grow lusher and bloom more.

Improve Plant Growth and Quality

Image by Scott Webb

Quality Design

Durable Solar Pack

High quality solar panels and batteries are smoothly packed together for easy use. Durable LiFePO4 batteries have charging cycles over 3000 times. 

Customized Light Source

LED light source with a customized plant-specific light spectrum provides the wavelengths required by plants, increasing photosynthesis rate and improving energy utilization.

Screenshot 2022-12-19 170719.png

Unique Structure Design

Low-voltage power supply and waterproof design – safe and reliable with no danger of electric shock even in rains.

Easy Installation

Ground screw is easy to install in the soil and a pack of two lights allows for bigger coverage and flexible operation.


SGL Size.png
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