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Solar Garden Grow Light

- Promote Plant Growth
- Improve Plant Health
- Grow Faster and Bigger
- Produce More Fruits and Increase Yields
- Bloom More Flowers
- Improve Light Conditions on Unfavorable Spots
- Suppress Mildew Development

Meet Sol-Grow

Meet Sol-Grow


Use free natural power to help improve your natural plants

From Nature, For Nature.

The panel for Sol-Grow

Li-ion battery integrated solar panel

for generating and saving energy efficiently

The floral version of Sol-Grow emitting light.

6h non-stop supplemental lighting

for what plants need to grow healthy and thrive

6-hours Supplemental Lighting with Auto On/Off

Charging Battery in Daytime

High quality LiFePO4 battery will be charged when there is sunlight.

Display of two lights on the support pole.

Supplemental Light At Night

With regular daily solar power charging, OmniPV Solar Garden LED Grow Light can provide 6 hours of supplemental lighting time for plants at night, allowing for higher quality plants under unfavorable light conditions.

Auto On/Off

Automatic on/off switch between daytime and night-time. The integrated sensor installed in the product can detect the lighting condition and turn on or off the LED light when needed.


Flexible Installation with Dual Lamp Head Design

The installation height of lamps can be adjusted according to the height of plants.

Plants exceeding 3 ft can be illuminated in upper and lower sections respectively, not only improving the light intensity but also ensuring the uniformity of light.

Diagram showing the adjustable height of lights on Sol-Grow