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Why Outdoor Supplementary Light?

As we all know: light, air, and water are 3 most important substances for plants to grow. Enough lighting ensures a sufficient level of photosynthesis for plants to be carried out.

Photosynthesis is the process in which plants convert Carbon Dioxide and light into energy and oxygen. You may find your plants still alive even under a deficiency of light. While it is possible to survive this way, the plants will not reach their full growth potential. Supplementary lights help alleviate this problem.

If your plants get plenty of sunlight in your garden, supplemental light can still help your plants grow better. Research has found that long-day plants develop faster with over 12 hours of lighting - you may still find supplemental light useful for growing lusher plants.

By supplementing light according to your plant’s needs, you will start to see the positive effects to height, fullness, and blooming. Adding this light after the sun has set with a night-fill lamp will cause plants to grow faster than the adjacent, unsupplemented plants.

If you want to improve your plants’ shoot length, number of branches, as well as the weight of buds and the number of buds, consider if they are receiving enough light. Are other plants blocking sunlight during the day? Is a shed or garage nearby that casts shadows?

If so, Sol-Grow is the solution! It is the first of its kind solar-powered, night-fill supplementary light for your garden. On a full charge, Sol-Grow provides 6 hours of full-spectrum light. Get yours today and witness your plants’ full potential.

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