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What Can I Grow with Shade Areas in My Backyard?

Shade Gardens

While sunlight is not easily controlled by gardeners, it is an important element of garden design. The amount of light available is a key factor in determining which plants can be grown. Thus, sunlight will have a major impact on the character of the garden.

For example, a rose garden will generally not succeed in shade, while a rose garden may not thrive in hot sun. As another example, a vegetable garden may need to be placed in a sunny location, and if that location is not ideal for the overall garden design goals, the designer may need to change other aspects of the garden.

Light Conditions

In some cases, the gardener may affect the amount of sunlight available. Trees, other shade plants, the location of garden structures, or when designing an entire property or even a building, can all be chosen or changed based on their effect on increasing or decreasing the amount of sunlight provided to various areas of the property.

In other cases, the amount of sunlight is not under the gardener's control. Nearby buildings, plants in other homes, or simply the local climate, may limit the available sunlight. Alternatively, major changes in garden light conditions may not be within the gardener's means. In this case, it is important to plan a garden that is compatible with existing light conditions.

LED Lights

However, as technologies advance, offering low energy usage, low heat, and color optimized for growth, LED lights are the most efficient, effective, and customer-friendly way to grow plants anywhere. That means, with the help of LED grow lights, you can grow anything in your shade gardens.

Actually, extra grow lights are necessary if there is not enough natural light to help your plant thrive. The light products need to be waterproof and dust-proof suitable for outdoor plant growth.

Check our Sol-Grow solar garden LED grow light, the first of its kind solar-powered, night-fill supplementary light for your garden. On a full charge, Sol-Grow provides 6 hours of full-spectrum light. Get yours today and witness your plants’ full potential.

Still confused? Feel free to contact us and our specialist will be more than happy to assist you with the full set of solution.

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