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1750 CFM Solar Roof Exhaust Fan Plus

1750 CFM Solar Roof Exhaust Fan Plus


The OMNI-PV 14'' solar powered roof exhaust fan is designed to control the temperature in your space with clean energy. Our fan uses the sunlight to power its motor to help prevent heat build-up in your space. Our 35W high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel perfectly matches the fan power load to allow the fan to run at 100% for 1750 CFM of airflow. If you are looking to greatly increase your comfort levels and looking to reduce the high costs of power using air conditioners, let the free power of the sun to do the work for you and use you air conditioning a great deal less.

The OmniPV solar roof exhaust fan functions in several ways to keep your place cool and comfortable. Its design includes the following features,

  • Keeps your home cooler in the summer by extracting 20 times more air than a Whirly Bird
  • Solar-powered with no running cost
  • Reduces the need for air-conditioning, lowering energy bills
  • Easy to install and compatible with tile, Colorbond, metal, and flat roofs
  • Equipped with square mounting frame on the fan and mounting rack on solar panel for quick and flexible installation
  • Reduces humidity and promotes airflow, lowering temperature by up to 30 ̊F
  • Reduces condensation build-up in your roof
  • Brushless DC motor for quiet operation
  • Made of high-quality material to ensure a long service life
  • Equipped with thermostat control to prevent heat loss in cooler months
  • Corrosion resistant and suitable for coastal regions
  • Weather proof
  • Excellent for greenhouses, garages, workshops, and warehouses etc.


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