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All-in-One Solar Power Station

Plug-and-go completely. Industry-leading Technology integrating all together. OmniPV All-in-One Solar Power Stations provide backup electric power and solar energy storage for big power demands. You will never have unexpected energy interruption with ROCK. 

With multiple AC and DC outputs, storage capacities, and varied ways to recharge, ROCK will keep your gear running, indoors and out. 

- AC input/output

- DC input/output

- USB Power Ports

- MPPT Built-In

- Ultra-Safe Lithium Battery

- Intelligent Cooling System

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Only buy what you need

A robust 2kWh power station value pack

Integrated with an astonishing 2016Wh ultra-durable lithium-ion battery and a 1000W full power pure sine wave inverter, ROCK-210 is your mobile power center off-the-grid.

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Heavy Duty Portable Power Station On Wheels

120V Inverter

1000W utility power output. Pure sine wave, high-stability, no damage and friendly to electrical appliances

Cooling Fan

Smart air cooling/over temperature protection

MPPT Controller

MPPT Charge control built in, dynamic tracking of the max power of solar panel, with energy transfer efficiency 15% higher


Easy to use/install, plug and play


Smart Power Management System

LCD/LED display (charging power, output power, alarm), overload protection/over-discharge protection/short circuit protection)


Dual charge methods, solar panel DC and grid AC

Li-ion Battery

2kWh big capacity and ultra-safe LiFePO4 lithium battery

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Replace Generator with Clean and Free Energy

How long to fully charge ROCK?

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How long can ROCK use?

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Easy Charging & Recharging

One Station, Many Uses

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