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How Solar Fans Can Help Cool My Place for Free

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Sun is burning the California throughout the year, and we spent much money on cooling our place. The good news is, after reading this article today, you may spend much less on air-conditioning your space during this hot summer. Let’s learn how we can utilize the green energy to make our rooftop sizzling!

Why We Need a Solar Fan

Our air-conditioners are working so hard cooling the air to make us feel comfortable, but actually a lot of work is done to cool the attic - studies show an unventilated attic can be 50°F hotter than rooms. Therefore, keeping your attic cool is one of the most important aspects of properly regulating the temperature in your place. Otherwise, hot air trapped in the attic makes its way into the rest of your home. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can drive air conditioning costs through the roof. This is why your

electricity bill is shooting up during summer.

There are two approaches to lower the temperature of the attic – insulating the heat, and removing the hot air. A solar fan is a perfect choice to do both - it can not only shade the rooftop with the solar PV panel, but also help exhausting the hot air inside the attic. By converting the strong solar irradiance into electricity to support the fan spinning, the whole setup can totally work with no running cost!

Also, running a fan with solar energy helps reduce the carbon footprint by using zero fossil fuel energy, eco-friendly to our environment. It is not only saving our money but also our planet earth.

Is It Worth to Use a Solar Fan?

A solar fan creates a slight vacuum by effectively removing the stuffy air under any weather conditions and replenishing the air with refreshing air in the surrounding through the openings and gaps in your place. While running a 14” OmniPV solar fan (1,200 CFM) only consumes 35W of electricity, operating 2 units of the OmniPV solar fan do not even consumes 1/10 power of a typical window air-con which is at least 900W, not to mention the solar fan can self-sustain the power and completely be detached from the power grid. This will save a lot on your energy bill.

For example, if you run a central A/C system that uses 3500 watts for 10 hours a day during a hot summer day, it will consume:

3500/1000 x 10 = 35 kWh electricity per day.

The average electricity rate in California is 19.90¢ / kWh. That means it will cost:

35 x 19.9/100 = $6.965 per day

$48.755 per week

$1462.65 per month (30 days)

Installing the OmniPV solar fan could probably save you 50% - 90% of A/C electricity cost. That’s a monthly savings of up to over $1000 during the hot summary day! Of course, these are ballpark figures and can vary depending on the weather and other factors.

Is It Difficult to Install a Solar Fan?

It is advised to get a qualified technician to perform the installation, but in a lot of cases customers can install the solar fans on their own. OmniPV provides the full set of instruction along with the solar fan package. As there are no wires connecting the solar fan to the home power grid, OmniPV solar fan is much easier to be installed comparing to the traditional ventilation fans.

The OmniPV solar fan adopts brushless motor with double shielded ball bearings which make it quiet when running. With quality metal constructed and a nice finishing of black powder coating, OmniPV solar fan delivers a premium appearance with affordable price.

Still confused? Feel free to contact us and our specialist will be more than happy to assist you with the full set of solution.

“OmniPV is a team of clean energy enthusiasts who has a strong commitment to provide the best service and high-quality products to our customers”

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