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Ventilation Solution

Reduces temperature and lowers humidity


Easy Installation

The OmniPV Exhaust Fan can be self-installed,

or you can use one of our approved installers

to do the job for you.


The solar roof exhaust fan just needs 1 roof tile to be removed for installation or just a 300mm opening for metal roof. The brushless DC motor makes the operation quiet and assures the motor will have long life. Being brushless is also far more efficient compared to other motors so the performance is better.

The solar wall exhaust fan uses the standard MC4 connector, plug and play.


Save Your Energy

The OmniPV Exhaust Fan consumes free solar energy, meaning no running cost ever. By reducing the roof and wall temperature, the reliance on air conditioning is reduced and your energy bills are lowered.

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Tomatoes in Greenhouse

Keep Your Place Comfortable

with thermostatic control

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In the hot summer or the warm days the OmniPV Exhaust Fan extracts the dry and hot air in the roof 20x more air than a wind driven Whirly Bird and can reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°. During the cooler months, the thermostatic control of OmniPV Exhaust Fan prevents heat loss and retains much needed warmth. It also helps reduce humidity and prevent mold growth in your home.

Air Pressure

Strong Forced Airflow

Equipped with 35W solar panel and well-tuned brushless motor, the 14-inch OmniPV Exhaust Fan delivers 1,200 CFM to make the ventilation efficient.

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Greenhouse Setup

Choose from our solar powered fans to help you beat the heat in greenhouse. Simple to install and run with green energy, our solar exhaust fans are an excellent cooling option.


Our ventilation solution has options for wall mounting, roof mounting or hanging.


Besides, our fans are great for garages, workshops, warehouses, anywhere that needs to be kept cool.

Roof or Wall ?

Solar roof exhaust fan integrates the fan with an adjustable solar panel and a weather proof cover case which prevents any rainwater or sun lights coming in the structure. That is ideal for light deprivation, attic or RV.

Solar wall exhaust fan has solar panel and fan body separated. The support mounting panel on the fan brings you the flexibility to mount the fan on any beams or windows, and the 30 ft extension cable gives you more options to place the solar panel on a shadow-free spot.

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